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Gourmet Oils:
Mild Roasted Sesame Oil and Dark Roasted Sesame Oil:

PURE SESAME OIL from raw sesame seed, is a rich, golden oil.

ROASTED SESAME OIL , extracted from roasted sesame seed, has a glowing, walnut colour with a burnished, intoxicating, nutty scent and flavour.

Mild Roasted Sesame Oil has a mild nutty roasted flavour and is a rich golden oil.

Dark Roasted Sesame Oil has a much stronger flavour and needs to be used in very small quantities. It is a dark brown oil.

Both oils add a unique personality, fragrance and flavour to traditional Indian and Oriental dishes, but are also a great ingredient of modern salad dressings, marinades and, added at the last minute, stir fries.

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