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Pure Avocado Oil:

Pure cold pressed and unrefined AVOCADO OIL is considered to be the best natural moisturizer for skin that exists, it is also the best natural sun screen, blocking out over 30% of the sun’s harmful rays.

No heat or chemicals, or harmful refining processes are used in the extraction of the oil. The avocado flesh is simply pressed and then the oil is filtered so it retains all its natural properties, the vitamins and minerals are in their purest forms and the colour and odour remain natural.

AVOCADO OIL is rich in vitamins A B C D and E, as well as lecithin, protein, linoleic acid, essential fatty acids and mineral potassium.

The Uses of the Oil


Clinical trials in America have shown AVOCADO OIL to be more easily absorbed by the skin than any other cosmetic oil. Avocado oil carries vital vitamins and essential fatty acids below the surface of the skin and trials have shown that the oil could play an important part in delaying skin
degeneration and slowing signs of aging.


Research has revealed that AVOCADO OIL not only softens the surface of the skin but easily penetrates the upper layers. This property makes the oil excellent for facial massage blends, as it soothes prematurely lined skin and reduces wrinkles.

In aromatherapy it is used as a carrier oil.


AVOCADO OIL has also proved effective in the treatment of stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections of the skin, such as athlete’s foot.
It has been found that, used regularly, it has healed persistent small skin sores caused by prolonged exposure to the tropical sun.


The oil is an excellent shaving oil for men leaving smooth, blemish free skin.
Shave with the oil or apply after shaving and the skin is left smooth and blemish free.


Use half to one cap full of the oil in the bath and you will find that it leaves the skin feeling velvety and deeply nourished. Mix well with the bath water.


A couple of drops of AVOCADO OIL mixed into your shampoo each time you wash your hair, leaves the hair soft and silky and no other conditioner is necessary. Massaged into the scalp and allowed to penetrate for up to half
an hour, with or without added steam, it is an excellent deep conditioner for all types of hair and especially for those with dry scalp problems or dandruff.

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